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Visual Studio 2008 randomly hangs when opening .aspx .ascx or .master files

In ASP.NET on January 29, 2010 at 15:12

Visual Studio 2008 has been running quite smoothly on my computer until this week. But then it started randomly hanging when opening an .aspx .ascx .master file. The problem even occurred when opening the file in isolation, instead of opening the file as part of a solution. Deactivating all add-ins did not help.

Fortunately It seems I just found the solution: After uninstalling the “Microsoft Visual Studio Web authoring Component”, the problem seems have to have disappeared. I’m not even sure what this component does, but it seems to be a relict from Visual Studio 2005 and so far I have not noticed any missing features since I uninstalled it.


ASP.NET MVC Tip #4: Client-side form validation made easy – Part 2

In ASP.NET MVC on January 11, 2010 at 15:00

In my previous article about ASP.NET MVC Client-Side validation, I showed how to set up your project so that you don’t have to write any custom JavaScript code for any new validation rules. This approach also covered remote client-side validation – these are rules which require server-side resource in order if a particular input field is valid or not.

Since I wrote the first part of the article, Steve Sanderson adopted my idea of automatic client-side validation and baked a similar feature right into the latest version of xVal.

One important thing is still missing though: What do you do when validation depends on server-side resources but also involves several different form fields? For example, let’s assume you were implementing a form for your website users to update their contact information.

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